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The University of Warwick handles posts through a main "Post Room" with its main address being

Post Room
University of Warwick

However, the University warns students NOT to use this address as any package delivered without a specific code will be returned even if the recipient's name is clearly written on the package.

The University clearly states that all students need to include their own special code in the address. Without it, the Post Room will reject the package.

Please use the below format to ensure your items arrive without any issues.

University of Warwick campus consists of 14 residence areas.

  1. Arthur Vick - AV
  2. Benefactors - BH
  3. Bluebell - BB
  4. Claycroft - CC
  5. Cryfield - CH
  6. Heronbank - HB
  7. Jack Martin - JM
  8. Lakeside - LS
  9. Redfern - RE
  10. Rootes - RR
  11. Sherbourne - SH
  12. Tocil - TO
  13. Westwood - WW
  14. Whitefields - WF

Based on the residence students choose to live in, the address that should be used for the post is the following:

University of Warwick


XX is the residence code as seen in the table above.

Y is the block number

V is the room number


An example would be 

University of Warwick

This refers to room 104 of block 2 in the Arthur Vick residence.

Alternatively, students are encouraged to use the online address generator to ensure that the Post Office will receive their orders.

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